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Guidelines for preventing heat stroke

Guidelines for preventing heat stroke Current for Thailand right now Hot weather conditions are increasing every year, putting people at risk. In many illnesses such as diseases of the digestive system Caused by eating food and water that are contaminated with germs. Which occurs

Arsenal waits to announce Ben White contract extension.

Arsenal are set to reward defender Ben White with a new long-term contract. Rewarded for his consistent performance, contributions to the team. And professional attitude since joining from Brighton for £50m in summer 2021. A report from ‘The Athletic FC’ states that the 26-year-old is

Manchester United gang is saying goodbye for now.

Eric ten Hag, manager of Manchester United is a progressive manager with the idea of ​​reducing working hours. When recently he took on the responsibility of being the host of a dinner party, his subordinates were completely overwhelmed. It’s better than practicing and waiting to