Zaha unsure of joining Al Nasser

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Wilfried Zaha is still refusing to accept a big offer from Saudi football club Al Nasser, still wanting to evaluate offers from European clubs as a first choice. Especially the teams that have played in the new Champions League season coming up.

The 30-year-old Ivory Coast Zaha winger is out of contract with Crystal. Palace this month And is expected to refuse to extend the contract after the January transfer market. He has once chosen not to leave the team and stay with the team.

Two Saudi clubs Al Ittihat and Al Nasr have made offers for him to consider. Before it was left Al Nasser was reportedly ready to offer him £15m a year in exchange for a three-year contract to join him in the Middle East. However, the player is still unclear whether to move or not. After he was more interested in playing football in Europe. Including playing in the UEFA Champions League, which is something the players never hide their desires in this regard. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Negotiations continue to go on. The same was made by the player, who started with Crystal Palace’s youth team and joined Manchester United before returning to the club and becoming a regular since 2015.