‘Pep Guardiola’ does not need to apologize to ‘Gerard’

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Manchester City fan and artist Noel Gallagher says Pep Guardiola doesn’t need to apologize for referring to Steven Gerard as ‘the Blues’

. The Premier League has been charged with 115 counts of financial crimes committed between 2009 and the present day.

That led to their success during that period, which won six Premier League and League Cups each, as well as two FA Cups, being questioned, prompting Guardiola to splurge on the timing. It was Gerard’s slip that caused Liverpool to miss out on the title that season,

although Guardiola has since apologized for the behavior, but Gallagher said the Spanish boss didn’t have to. like that

“First of all He doesn’t need to apologize,” he told UFABET.

“Look, Guardiola is not like that. He was obviously feeling very emotional that day, that everything he had achieved was being called into question.

“He was just saying, ‘What, so Gerrrard’s slip, is that our fault?’ It’s all something out of nothing, as usual.”

Noel clearly doesn’t like Liverpool, like his crazy brother Liam who has made some disgusting comments on the Reds in the past and is known for losing his mind on Twitter.

Gerrard is yet to make a comment on Guardiola’s quotes, but he’s unlikely to say much after receiving an apology from the Man City gaffer.

“Listen, Guardiola, not that kind of person. Of course, that day he was overflowing with emotions. Because his success was questioned ′′ ′

′ He just said ‘What? So Gerard slipping is our fault?’ It was nothing.”