Odegaard receives Arsenal that is inferior to Man City

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Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard admitted they lost to Manchester City in the sharpness of the penalty area. -1 in the Premier League game last night

Which caused Arsenal to fall from the top of the crowd. Even though they still have a chance to reclaim. The throne If a point is collected from one game remaining in hand,

Odegaard admits that they lack sharpness in the penalty area. both on his own side and in front of the opponent’s door which made him face defeat in this game

“This game is decided in the penalty area. And we’re not sharp enough. both in front of the door and on their own side They do better,” he tells UFABET.

“But other than that. We played well, did a lot of things well. and played well for many periods But we have to do better in the box.

“This is football Sometimes it’s a door. sometimes not But that’s where we still need to improve. We need to be sharp and protect our own penalty area better. It’s not the job of any one player. But it belongs to the whole team ′′

′′ As I have said all season. We have to work hard and look at each game. Now it’s the same Today was one game we lost. And now we have to look to the next game. new game on saturday And we have to come back to win ′

′ Today’s atmosphere is unbelievable. And we appreciate everyone who came here. which makes this game special We will work hard to make them happy.”