‘Mourinho’ admits that he was too harsh on Karsdorp’s criticism

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Roma boss Jose Mourinho has admitted to using harsh words towards Rick Karsdorp, congratulating him on having the attacking right-back in his squad. As for the player himself, he confirmed it. happy to stay

At the end of last year, Mourinho gave an interview after the team drew 1-1 with Sassuolo, criticizing one of the players in the team heavily in the media. to the point of being a traitor ready to announce that this footballer is ready to find a new team

even without name But it is known that Mourinho meant Karsdorp, later the player’s agent and lawyer expressed dissatisfaction with the agency.

That’s not enough The Confederation of Professional Footballers (Fifpro) has condemned Roma and Mourinho’s treatment of Karsdorp

during the World Cup break. Ma at first before changing his mind to join the team later During that time, many clubs were interested in him, but the transfer deal did not happen. The UFABET report

since returning The 28-year-old Dutchman is yet to play a part in the competition, but in Thursday’s Europa League match he was available to help Roma host Salzburg during Mourin’s pre-match interview

. Jo clarified his relationship with Karsdorp:

“Me and Karsdorp have always had a good relationship. And we only had problems from the game against Sassuolo ′′ ′′

At that time I spoke about Karsdorp in too harsh words, everyone in the dressing room has always loved him.

And I’m glad to have Karsdorp in the team. open up about this issue as well

“This is my sixth year at Roma and I love playing for this club.

What I want to say about the problems between me and the coach. Well, before neither my lawyer nor Fifpro spoke on behalf of me whatsoever,

“I just want to play for Roma, it’s always nice to play every three or four days. I’ve always been used to doing that. Now I’m happy to be back ′′ ′

′ Over the last two weeks. I have a problem with bruises on my knees. But now I feel better especially physically, I train hard on the pitch and in the gym.