How to bet on gamecocks

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How to bet on gamecocks

In many gamecock gambling. Probably have heard and know that you can bet on gamecocks. through the online system because there are now many online casino website that brings gamecock gambling come to provide betting services through the web page and Our Thai Casino Center is one of the websites. that collects online gamecock gambling websites Let all customers play with the best betting odds.
We have prepared a way to bet on Gamecock betting. In general, let all customers learn how before placing a bet to understand the different rules and bet on gamecocks correctly including betting plans.

Gamecock Betting

Gamecock sport is a sport that Thai people have been popular with since ancient times. Each breed of chicken is different, gambling is only losing and winning. But today, the world has changed gambling in the old ways. of the gamecock gambling in the online world But it is still very popular as before, let’s see how to bet on gamecocks and understand the basics together. What is there? 
Rules for playing Gamecocks First of all, you must know that Gamecocks are not called as lifting, but are called as one. They can be divided into 2 main types. สมัคร UFABET

1 is a professional race, 12 races, takes 20 minutes, rest 20 minutes.
The way to see which chicken is not fighting, lying, crouching, running away. If more than 3 times, lose.

2 is an amateur race, a total of 5 races, takes 10 minutes, rests 2 minutes. During the race, no wounds or sutures are allowed on the chicken.
As for the judgment, it’s the same as the career line, but the additional thing is that the rooster’s mouth fell off. And look too seriously injured. If you see it and can’t continue the race, it will be considered lost.

betting process

  • If you come to our website and select the sports section, choose Gamecocks, you will find details about this sport. various web rankings that are open for service about gamecock sports and good promotion bonus waiting to welcome you Reviews by our experts
  • Once you have chosen the online casino you want to play in. make a registration deposit money
  • Make a selection of sports topics, choose some gamecocks, cockfighting websites.
  • Please use Thai language. will be easy to understand
  • at the details menu Each website has an ID. The balance of credit transferred to place bets.
  • Choose a betting room where each betting room will have a status indicating, for example:

Green Room – This is the room where the competition is being prepared. Betting is
open. Red room  – is the room where the match is currently in. Bets are closed.
Gray  room – is the room where the match is over. And is preparing to wait for the next race.
It may be a different color or symbolic character.

  • There will be a live screen showing the live match events. Make a decision to place a bet It will show the chicken information on both sides as well.
  • See the odds Choose which side to win Place a bet on the red side, place a bet on the leading side or bet on a tie. The symbols of this topic are different for each website. 
  • Choose how much to bet by selecting Chips.
  • Finally, wait to see the screen taken off live.