‘Haaland’ admits that he doesn’t remember what Pep taught at halftime

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Manchester City striker Erling Haaland has admitted he failed to remember Pep Guardiola’s commands at half-time, praising Arsenal as the best team in C. recently

“The Blues” invaded the “big guns” to the home with a score of 3-1 in a residual Premier League game last night.

Haaland scored the third goal of the game, which moved City to the top position. masses Although still one game more than Arsenal,

City had a better performance in the second half, where Haaland revealed that Guardiola changed his tactics at halftime

. a little at halftime Ultimately we have quality and we have to take that out of every player. Which is what we do today,” he told UFABET.

When asked about the change, Haaland replied, “To be honest, I don’t remember either. I’m just extremely happy.”

In addition, Haaland added that “I think we need to do this (survive) more than before. And that’s what we do today. I must say very proud of everyone ′

′ We can agree that Arsenal are the best team this season. Visiting and facing them was not easy. But we played a great game and won the important three points. We can do it again.