ETH praises ‘Frenkie de Jong’ for making every team better

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Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag has hailed Barcelona’s technical midfielder Frenkie de Jong as having a unique quality. Can make every team in the world stronger Before the game in which the pair were preparing to rival,

Ten Hag had been De Jong’s boss since his time at Ajax, together winning the Dutch league title. and reach the semifinals Champions League

After that, De Jong was sold to Barcelona, ​​before three seasons later Ten Hag left Ajax as well to become manager of the “Red Devils” after taking over as Ten

. Haag wants to bring De Jong to work again at Old Trafford with a long negotiation. But in the end, the deal didn’t happen,

with De Jong set to travel to Old Trafford but as a rival to help Barcelona reach the Europa League last-32 during a pre-match interview

. Na Hag said to UFABET Sports praised the player

: “The Ajax 2019 squad has impressed many, and Frenkie played a key role in that. And he improved again when he moved to Spain ′′ ′′

Frankie is a great player. And now an even better player, he always has time to step up from the back. “

Working with him has been a pleasure, Frenkie can add strength to any team. on earth He has a unique quality

. It will be the first time that both teams meet in the Europa League battle, with Barcelona currently holding the La Liga crowd, while United are ranked 3rd in the Premier League

. Champions League and can make a difference in that tournament,” Ten Hag added.

“But the reality is

We’re in the Europa League, which shows that both clubs need a fresh start. Because a game like this can help both of us, when faced with this level of testing. You’ll improve ′

′ Looking at the statistics of Barcelona you can see clearly that’s impressive, they defend well. But I think their most important ability. Is possession of the ball so much ′′ ′

′ One of Johan Cruyff’s greatest sentences is when you have possession of the ball. Opponents will not be able to score goals ′

′ At this time, Barcelona play football with their best form in years. And you can see the inspiration from Johan Cruyff.”

“It was great to play against Barcelona, ​​I like the philosophy of this club. And they have built a lot of good teams and players. We are looking forward to this game.”