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period pain Dangerous or normal?

period pain Dangerous or normal? Before we get into our content, let’s first understand what menstrual cramps are. What is that and why do only girls have pain? We will explain it to each other so that it is easy to understand. Menstrual cramps are

Don’t do this if you don’t want to harm your health.

Don’t do this if you don’t want to harm your health 1. Not wearing sunscreen      Applying sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher can reduce the risk of skin cancer cells by 40-50%, but it is something that most people ignore. You should wear sunscreen

Reduce risk factors for eye fatigue (Asthenopia)

Reduce risk factors for eye fatigue (Asthenopia) Eye fatigue (Asthenopia) Symptoms of eye strain (Asthenopia) may vary from person to person after excessive use of the eyes. There will be common symptoms such as eye pain, eye pain, dry eyes, itchy eyes, eye pain, tearing,

Guidelines for preventing heat stroke

Guidelines for preventing heat stroke Current for Thailand right now Hot weather conditions are increasing every year, putting people at risk. In many illnesses such as diseases of the digestive system Caused by eating food and water that are contaminated with germs. Which occurs

5 negative effects caused by “Eat too fast”

In today’s life, everything must be rushed and must be a race against time. In addition to having to eat simple food like fast food Or some people often have to eat too fast food from foreign countries. Because of the fast service In order to take time to work Do

Good skin, clear face, beautiful nails with lemon

Ladies, do you know that lemon juice is sour? That’s more useful than I thought. Because lemon juice has vitamin C and many benefits. This helps heal and cleanse the inside of the body, aiding the digestive process. Extracts toxins very well, relieving constipation. In addition, drinking lemon water is

9 risky behaviors for “thinning hair”

Our hair can become thinning hair. It is due to many reasons including the genetic system. and lifestyle behaviors that risk causing hair to fall out until it reaches a critical stage, becoming thinner or bald, which if it is a matter of the genetic system The treatment

4 fruits to reduce “cholesterol” and prevent

For those who intend to reduce their cholesterol to promote good health and a strong body. In addition to limiting food choices and exercise regularly Choosing to eat fruit is another factor that everyone should take part in. Because some fruits may contain sugar. and more sweetness than necessary But fruits lower cholesterol. Which