Reduce risk factors for eye fatigue (Asthenopia)

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Reduce risk factors for eye fatigue (Asthenopia)

Eye fatigue (Asthenopia)

Symptoms of eye strain (Asthenopia) may vary from person to person after excessive use of the eyes. There will be common symptoms such as eye pain, eye pain, dry eyes, itchy eyes, eye pain, tearing, red eyes, blurred vision, unclear vision, or eyes that are more sensitive to light, etc.

In addition, these symptoms may also trigger headaches, fatigue, dizziness, vertigo, and migraine pain. Usually these symptoms Usually harmless But if the symptoms become more severe and affect your daily life, you should see a doctor for further examination.

Causes of eye strain (Asthenopia)

Eye strain (Asthenopia) is caused by Use your eyes continuously. together for a long time It may often be found while reading, driving, or working in front of a computer screen. while using a smartphone in bright light Use your eyes in the dark or low light, do work that requires you to focus your eyes all the time, or where your eyes are exposed to the wind. causing dry eyes. In addition, people with dry eyes People with abnormal vision or cornea problems Eye fatigue (Asthenopia) may also occur.

Diagnosis of eye strain (Asthenopia)

Initially, symptoms of eye fatigue (Asthenopia) may be found on their own. From observing behavior at risk of developing such symptoms or symptoms found after Doing that behavior in the case of going to see a doctor The doctor may ufabet ask about symptoms and risk behaviors. that may cause the symptoms to follow, including possibly examining vision or measuring eyesight that may be the cause of these additional symptoms

Treatment of eye strain (Asthenopia)

When symptoms of eye fatigue occur You should rest your eyes for a while to reduce eye fatigue. If your eyes are dry, you may use artificial tears. To add moisture to the eyes, which will help reduce symptoms of dry eyes and eye pain. Additionally, you should avoid sitting in front of a fan or air conditioner. But change the wind direction. Do not allow direct contact with the eyes. Including adjusting the screen brightness from various devices or lighting in the room to suit the activity being done at that time

Complications from eye strain (Asthenopia)

Eye fatigue It is a mild symptom and can go away on its own. But if symptoms of eye fatigue (Asthenopia) frequently occur, it may affect your life, work, or study. Therefore, you should avoid risky behavior. To prevent this symptom from occurring